The reason why fitness tracking devices exist !!

I just read this article, and needless to say I am amused.

I am a geek by heart, and I must admit even I use data just to inform me, even though everyone who collects data from me tries to tell me what I need to do. I have had the pleasure of using Fitbit One before…intact I lost the first one, got another one, and lost that too.I don’t intend to rip apart anyone’s thoughts, but I think any fitness tracking device is simply intended to do the following : 

  • Quantify your actions
  • Keep track (history)
  • Give you enough information (data wise) to motivate you to exercise and better yourself.

May it be a wearable or a device attached to some gym equipment, the fact of the matter, is that it serves a simple purpose of keeping your informed and motivated. Yeah, there will always be an error rate, but what are you going to achieve with a ZERO percent error rate … bragging rights ??? and then WHAT? 

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