What they don’t tell you about the after effects of ACL reconstruction surgery?

It has been two and a half weeks since my ACL reconstruction, and here is a quick note-to-self of stuff they don’t tell you…

  • The recovery time feels longer than it really is
  • If you are a rowdy sleeper (you don’t sleep in one position), you are in for a ride
  • For some people, narcotics do their job of reducing the pain, but don’t have the intended side effect of helping you sleep.
  • The brace is a bitch. Sleeping with it when you are under heavy sedation is easy, but once you wean out of the medication, it keeps you awake.
  • Did I mention, another side effect of the narcotics is “itch”…. and until a friend told me to apply coconut oil or baby oil on the affected area, it was getting annoying.
  • Side effect of the surgery is a part of your leg goes through some abnormal feeling….either numbness or extra sensitivity. Apparently it takes a while before normalcy is restored.