The scary side of mobile phone innovation…

FirmBee / Pixabay

As a kid, I never knew or heard about a mobile phone…well…no one heard about it I guess. In this day and age, I cannot fathom anyone not knowing what mobile phones are and how they keep us connected.

While they do an awesome job of functioning as a computer in the palm of your hand, they have started venturing into more innovative ways to implement security.

Starting from a simple user-name/password combination, passcode locks, pattern locks,to finger-print scanning, and now iris scanning. Imagine this…until now the user had to know what the magic code is to unlock his/her phone to get access to the plethora of information the mobile phone becomes a gateway to.

Today, one does not need the user to even be alive to get access to their personal information on the phone…how hard can scanning a fingerprint or an iris be ? Why are financial institutions embracing these innovations, while it is pretty obvious they are not the right use-cases for this kind of innovation. Thankfully, they also offer the good old username/password combination, but lets be real…how many of us use that feature anymore when we can make do with fingerprint scanners.

Two-pass authentication is good, but is useless when you have the mobile phone already with you. Big shakes that they send an additional code…wonder what they are trying to secure.