Independence from what ?

Today is the 15th of August …supposedly India’s independence day…after fighting the idea of being ruled by someone else, we decided to become independent. It has been 60+ years, and coming to think of it very carefully, somewhere along they way … we forgot what independence really means , and we landed in the same spot now … of being ruled by someone with none of our interests at heart… without actually realizing it.

Every week, there is a rape case in some city…..and just when that was becoming almost daily news, raping children….are you frikin serious.
– Men in India are getting desperate….and the whole “advancement” in culture and the imbalance in population growth is putting an unwanted strain on everyone.
– Kids….seriously…kids… desperate you really have become to stoop that low…to rape kids in a train bathroom.

Indian flag
Indian national flag

And did I fail to mention, people turning a blind eye to such things….just to keep out of trouble. We can call ourselves independent when
– we can roam about the streets at any time without fear
– we can help a stranger on the road

Until then…we are better off calling the British or even the people from Antarctica to rule over us. Either way it does not make a difference. At least with someone ruling us before, we as a country found our balls and spine in alignment to stand as one.

As a human, I don’t expect a crime free society….but let there be some dignity in the the crimes you commit.


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