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I love Windows 8. There you go…I said it. But I just divorced it, and kicked it to the curb. I have an Alienware Aurora (now discontinued for good reason I hope), that I purchased 5 years ago with the top of the line config. My entire rig including the monitors costed me approx $3000. With 2 TB HDD and 12 GB DDR3 RAM, I thought I was future proofing it. Windows 7 was a charm to work with, and when Windows 8 released, even though I did not have touch screen monitors, I went ahead and installed Windows 8 on my system. Then it all started…like my machine was possessed. Typical daily symptoms included

  • All the chasis fans were roaring non-stop.
  • Multiple blue screen of death.
  • I will be working on some document, and suddenly the system reboots.
  • Once the system goes to sleep, it won’t wake up without a reboot.
  • On the rare occasions it sleeps, and wakes up, I should have waited almost 10 minutes (no kidding)
  • My secondary HDD does not show up at times.

I lived with this for almost a year. I even tried to shut down my machine for a few days, just to avoid the noise. But work needed to be done…the show must go on…and I would turn it back on.

But enough was enough. One fine day, I decided to divorce Windows 8, and am trying to patch up things with Windows 7 now. Things are getting back to normal now. My fans don’t roar anymore, NO CRASHES, no random reboots, and it wakes up from sleep mode whenever I ask it to in less than a few seconds.

So, in retrospect, the questions nagging me are…

  • Did Alienware discontinue this because of the hardware problems?
  • Did Microsoft dump the old hardware when Steve Balmer decided to rewrite Windows 8 source code?

With Windows 9/10 on the horizon, Satya Nadella .. the ball is in your court to impress me.

The reason why fitness tracking devices exist !!

I just read this article, and needless to say I am amused.

I am a geek by heart, and I must admit even I use data just to inform me, even though everyone who collects data from me tries to tell me what I need to do. I have had the pleasure of using Fitbit One before…intact I lost the first one, got another one, and lost that too.I don’t intend to rip apart anyone’s thoughts, but I think any fitness tracking device is simply intended to do the following : 

  • Quantify your actions
  • Keep track (history)
  • Give you enough information (data wise) to motivate you to exercise and better yourself.

May it be a wearable or a device attached to some gym equipment, the fact of the matter, is that it serves a simple purpose of keeping your informed and motivated. Yeah, there will always be an error rate, but what are you going to achieve with a ZERO percent error rate … bragging rights ??? and then WHAT? 

PixelPumper : First impressions.

On my search for a free blogging editor, I stumbled upon this. This is my first attempt to try to post something from PixelPumper using a mac. Yeah yeah…I am trying to be frugal here. 

Anyhoo, overall first impression…not bad. 

  • Nice clean & modern UI
  • Very close to Windows Live writer.
  • Does not like it when there is no internet connection.
  • Basically I cannot even write anything when there is no network. It just freezes.
  • Very basic WSYWIG editor.
What am I looking for in a blogging client : 
  • Clean UI
  • Intuitive
  • Perform the job it is supposed to do.
  • Be able to manage multiple blogging platforms.
  • Be able to manage multiple accounts.
  • Nerd side