2007 : Predictions


All video-sites (you-tube[google video], yahoo video, aol videos) will face a tough time…with lawsuits. Simply said, they are going to be the video version of what the old napster used to be. Heck, I can see full-length movies on these sites without even having to get a DVD myself. Eventually the DRM guys and the RIAA will end up trying to show their holy round ass and stick it up to all these companies.

Too many of “Loading” / “Waiting” screens.

The web is going to be a bit more slower. Newer technologies are going to make more richer internet applications…and they are going to concentrate on marketting with the “replacing your desktop applications”. This will end up becoming a fad someday soon. Though the telecom guys are doing their job of trying to give us faster ethernet connection speeds, lets face it …. not all can really afford it…not for the next few years for sure.

Websites = Website Services

Most of the portals and the tech celebrity websites are going to have their own API’s and web-services published for other’s to consume. This will lead to all the lesser known tech bloggers/site-owners to start consuming their services and place them on their own site, there by having a continous supply of content for their own website. People can get more creative and do a mix-n-match, to best suit the site-visitor’s needs. Sad part about this is there are multiple points of failure.

Example : If I have Scooble’s feed also coming onto my website/blog. And lets say…considering Scooble’s. Everything works fine…so..great. Suddenly Scooble’s decides to take his blog down, and go to the mountains, trying to understand the true meaning of life, thereby abandoning everything techie. Now, thanks to Scooble’s decision, soo many other websites are gonna go down. This is a naive example, but soo many people loose their domain names, thanks to procastination, domain-name-stalking,etc. With over a 100 million domain names already in existance, and soo many bloggers desparate to drive traffic to their site, multiple points of failure are bound to pop-up, and it will all eventually come crashing down.

Google’s honeymoon.

Microsoft’s Bill Gates called it Google’s honeymoon, but the amount of disk-space that Google is currently handling and the gradual increase in the services it offers, looks like unless there is growth in its adSense program’s revenue, it could make it a paid-service. And if Google starts making its offerings as paid-services, chances are Google’s honeymoon is going to end. And also take into consideration the thought in everyone’e head that Google is a better version of Yahoo…but bottom line…its just another Yahoo.

Towards a better mark-up language.

Based on the amount of work required to make web-sites, chances are there will be some kind of baby-steps that will be taken towards the creation of a newer mark-up language. Advantages of this would be more comprehensive html for starters, then richer support for multimedia, extensive wiki style of layout.


With IE 7 taking its first step towards standard CSS compliance, chances are Microsoft will look towards standardizing other stuff like multi-media delivery on the web to desktops, mobile phones, etc.


Doctors will continue to get expensive, but the healthcare premiums will see a lesser jump in their standard yearly increase. This may not quite be reflected this year, but there will be steps towards it. With the so-called “digitization” of healthcare records all-over, and companies claim to reduce the operating costs for healthplans by as much as 40% (ikaSystems, IBM, etc), we will see more advances in healthcare management over the net. This also includes richer versions of WebMD, with more healthplans taking similar approach. This will be one more boom, but will take a while for this bubble to bust.

Web 2.0

More and more companies will try to invest in their look and feel, not simply coz they want to, but they will have to…simply to stay abreast with their comptetion, and yeah..their way of saying it that they are always “Working for you“.

Syllabii upgrade

Considering the way the industry is heading, chances are that the university syllabus for Computer Science guys is bound to change to incorporate more specific technologies  in addition to their standard basics.