2014 : A look back…

2014 was an awesome year in many ways.

  • Started off the year snowed in. Could not even go to work.
  • Had the most interesting birthday party for my daughter. She refused to play. Later found out she was hungry. Once food went in, she was back to normal. But party time was almost over.
  • Saw Frozen movie twice in theater, and maybe a 100 times after purchasing it from Amazon.
  • Actually PURCHASED children’s movies…and watched them over and over and over with Sanjana.
  • Tagged people in ALS ice-bucket challenge. Chickened out. Hope to do it for sure in 2015.
  • Met all my neighbors for the first time since moving in.
  • Started to stay away from crowds, was shit scared of Ebola.
  • Witnessed first hand how arrogant people with power can be.
  • And in 2 months after that, witnessed how humble and down to earth people with more power can be.
  • Realized how bad a dead-end job can be.
  • Found out how boring some time-off alone could be.
  • Changed jobs.
  • Met some of the most impressive people up close in my professional career.
  • Re-aligned my view of a good business model.
  • Joined my friends in Nike fuelband challenge.
    • Been most active since.
    • Got more focused regarding my health and overall well-being.
    • Kicked everyone’s ass since the challenge began.
  • Went to Busch Gardens with family. (My friend gave me a lifetime pass to Busch Gardens, and I lost it while moving)
  • Thankful for having an awesome family and crazy friends to spend the year with.

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