My FitBit scare

I took the first bold step of trying to keep track of my daily activities. Not more for “Oh my God, I have to loose weight”, but just for curiosity, and more for motivation. Having said that, after a few days (not hours) of research and flip-flopping on what device I wanted to buy (Fitbit, Nike Fuel band, Jawbone Up), I took the leap of faith and went to Fitbit.

PRN6-JAWBONE-UP-BANDS-1yHigh.jpg (2700×1862)

Set up was a breeze, and everything was working beautifully, until exactly after 1 week of usage, the syncing feature stopped working. Needless to say, I tried to check on community forums at, but no use. Their help section was equally sucky. I emailed them, no response either. Damn…their customer service sucks. I decided to wear my engineer hat, and try to figure out a solution myself.

Step 1: Check out forums. Result : No use

Step 2: Contact support again. Result : Useless

Step 3: Go for the oldest trick in the book….RESTART the damn thing. Now how do I restart something with just one button. Keep it pressed….what happens…..a stop watch starts. This apparently is to track my sleep. After trying and trying for a bit, here was my EUREKA moment.

– Connect the tracker to the charger

– Plug the charger to a USB port somewhere

– Now, press that ONE button for almost 15-30 seconds. And now the screen will turn OFF. Phew. Turn it back ON again . Try syncing with either the dongle or your smartphone….and TADA… works. Silly thing put me through 3 days of misery.