2006 : What did I learn?

Just when I was going through Instigator’s blog, I came across a call for group-writing where he asks the question of the year-end….”What did I learn?

And here are my thoughts.


  1. The importance of patience in every situation.
  2. The strength of silence.
  3. The beauty of simplicity in code and design.
  4. The art of winning an argument.
  5. The science of convincing anyone.
  6. The pain of seeing someone you love shed a tear.
  7. The joy of simple pleasures.
  8. The ecstasy in being recognized
  9. The humbleness in being referred to.
  10. The responsibilities involved in taking care of your loved one.
  11. The passion in a developing relationship.
  12. The sense of maturity that comes during the final stages of bachelorhood.
  13. The knowledge of knowing a little more of how stupid I am/can be.
  14. The wisdom of learning from my mistakes…and making newer ones.
  15. That technology is just a tool….newer ones keep coming…but the job still remains the same

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